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One of our mission is to collaborate and help provide the additional tools for parents, guardians, schools, association, and organization to expose our children and future generations to all the wonderful endless possibilities in-front of them.

There are so many wonderful resources, activities, etc…, but many aren’t able to get there because of the lack of transportation or the finances to experience them. This summer we will be taking families on little island adventure exposing as many as possible to the salt life, micro organism on the island, fishing etc…

Mikayla McFarland our Co-founder had a unique medical journey when she was an infant. Both her mother and I diagnosed what she had before the specialist, and chose not to follow the local specialist suggestion. They were actually excited to see the results. We found one of the top 3 specialist in the country if not the top specialist that had a different approach; therefore, we chose to drive 9 hours every month for 4 months from Tampa Bay Florida to Charleston, SC for her Hemangioma Surgery procedures at https://hemangiomatreatment.com/.

Mikayla at 2-1/2 months old & at 14 years old

The unknown is always the scariest thing for any of us, but we felt blessed each time we went. We had an action plan, but we were with so many little ones in which had cancer in where no one knew. We attempted to make reservation at the Ronald McDonald house but unfortunately they were always full. They are a wonderful organization helping with cost beyond medical. Each month it cost us $2000 beyond the medical bills to help our child. We maxed all our credit cards, but we would do it all over again. I always said one day we are going to help other families like us and others that aren’t as fortunate; therefore, a portion of every membership will be going to help families that have these medical challenges to help offset the cost of traveling, staying over night, food, and one day potential part-time work to help with the bills at home. Every dollar donated toward this cause will be split in 2, 1/2 will be made available for families in need now, and the other 1/2 will be a capital campaign for a facility for families to stay in a safe space when coming from out of town during their angels medical stay.

We are working hard to provide families and children like my nephew Tyler which he is high on the spectrum/Neurodivergent to share as many resources as possible and help create additional facilities, therapy support, restaurant choices, and parent support. Here’s an article done on my sweet Nephew and others.