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Jr Explorers Events

The revnue raised for of each event will be going toward helping families with the additional cost beyond medical bills, and helping families with additional services with children wih Neurodivergent/Special needs. This was inspired by the challenges we had the first year of our Co-founders life, and the challenges of families that have many of the  my nephew and his parents deal with on a daily basis.

We where fortunate/blessed enough to be able to drive 9 hours each way each month for her medical procedure. It cost us over $2,000 each month beyond medical cost to help our litttle one. We had to max out our CC, etc…, but we would be happy to do it all over again.

We always shared one day we would love to help families with similar challenge.

Mikayla now 15, shared she’s ready to share with the world our gift to huminty. Mikayla looks forward in helping as many families going through similar challeges.


Co-founder Mikayla’s medical journey, https://jrexplorersofamerica.org/programs

We look forward working with our community leaders, businesses, and organizations to bring wonderful value based programs to the community as we help bring awareness and support for families going through tough times.

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Please email us to recieve the multiple opportunity in which we may work together, jrworldexplorers@gmail.co